The NSA undertakes to clean the spam email boxes it monitors.

Yesterday, the world discovered, thanks to the revelations in the Guardian and the Washington Post, the NSA (National Security Agency), a branch of American intelligence had access to private data of millions of users. Among the services concerned, we note among others the presence of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Skype. The agency would be able to monitor emails, documents, photos, videos and other private data of users of Internet services. Generally not prone to public speaking, however, the NSA has published a statement in which it acknowledged the facts and the damage caused. In a spirit of appeasement, it also proposes to remove all
spam it will find under his supervision.

Give a hand to users

« The NSA has noted the publication of various newspapers and claims to have recourse to the Prism program to collect a lot of information. « Laconically said the statement issued a few hours ago on the site of the federal agency. Later in the letter, signed by Keith B. Alexander, the current director of the NSA itself, the mea culpa continues: « We can understand that these methods seem undemocratic the eyes of the less informed and they can be perceived as a violation of their privacy. We are aware and we apologize for this, even if we can not do otherwise …  »

The head of the NSA connects then formulating a rather unusual proposal: « Since we can not afford to do without such a tool in the fight against terrorism, we will continue to use Prism as we have done so far. However, a willingness to listen and to continue to serve American citizens, the NSA publicly commit to clean email accounts that will monitor all spam and other unwanted email. « And Mr. Alexander continued: » In addition, for those who request it, NSA aims to block all pop-ups called ‘pop-up’ ‘she spy on computers in real time. « 

A press indecent

The service offered by the NSA has again outraged US politicians such as civil liberties advocates. This is the case of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which denounced « an eye for powder jet » Jameel Jaffer according to its deputy director, « Yesterday we learned that the Prism program was supposed to monitor only those based in the abroad. But this latest proposal of the NSA is only for US Internet users. I believe that the gentlemen of the National Security Agency take us for c … « Jameel Jaffer told us via Skype before a strange and abrupt termination of his connection.

the Editors:

Illustration: Wikicommons / U.S. Government



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