The NSA offers Americans to keep all their passwords if forgotten


Under fire from critics after new revelations intrusive plays, the American intelligence agency is trying to improve its image by offering US citizens a new service. Opinions are mixed for the moment.

The entirety of your passwords saved for only $ 25 a month

« Who never forgot the password of his mail, telephone code, bank details? More hassle, NSA will remember for you! « . It is through this seductive hooks that the now famous National Security Agency launches its new service, mischievously entitled « Unlocked: we remember everything you do not, and more. »

The concept is simple: through $ 25 a month, a specialized unit of the NSA automatically saves all of your internet passwords and backup databases « indefinitely. » Devilishly proactive, the agency is notified as soon as you enter two invalid passwords and returns good without necessary step. « The NSA fact immediately updated when you change any username! « Enthuses James, 28.

« Between allies must help each other »

Admiral Michael Rogers, director of the NSA, returned with emotion about the origin of this eminently altruistic offer. At the time responsible for clandestine interception, he would have attended live the misadventures of a European president, unable to remember the password of the account used to secure the exchange of defense secret documents. « But we had it a long time, this password! It is still used today, for that matter, « exclaims Rogers. « Between allies must help each other, right? « . One certainly appreciated boost in the digital jungle through which states as individuals. Richard Ledgett, deputy director of operations, nevertheless wants more prosaic about the original purpose of the project: « You know, storing the personal data of our citizens is something we do anyway and long ago, so far draw money and advertising, « he says soberly.

For now, the public remains relatively reserved. Fear of use of such data for illegal surveillance purposes would be the main complaint raised by a consumer panel. « It’s a position we understand, and we respect, » said the Admiral Rogers. « Our citizens have every right to refuse the NSA services. We live in a democracy! They will simply subcontracted secret to our British or Canadian counterparts, and everyone will be happy. « 



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