In his next Rambo movie will play an official of the International Monetary Fund


Los Angeles – Sylvester Stallone gave the first indications for the next « Rambo ». This time, the Vietnam veteran will face his worst enemy, economic austerity and the Eurogroup. « Rambo is a man of his time. He faced the Vietcong, the Soviets, the Burmese junta. He even faced the indifference of the people on his return. It was normal that he confronts modern enemy present, the market economy, « says the actor. The film should show Rambo and vacationing in a small country in southern Europe that falls under the control of a heinous charge of the International Monetary Fund. « This is a new type of villain. Before Rambo fought against helicopter gunships and tanks. This time he is fighting against someone armed with a calculator and a tax form.  » Several people then ask Rambo to help them against oppression. A task that the fighter will then meet with panache once again. « There will be a particularly violent deaths updates but very realistic, like the scene where Rambo disguised as bailiff shall seize all the furniture of one of the lieutenants of the wicked. » A scene that was very hard to write but Stallone ensure that the public today is very difficult impressionable. « There will be very few synthetic images. All austerity scenes will be the most authentic and most realistic possible, « says Stallone, stressing that it will not be doubled for even the most challenging scenes. As this scene where Rambo arrives in Brussels and faces a Eurogroup meeting with bare hands. And the actor concluded « In this sequence, there will be the most violent economic terms we could see on the big screen. »



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