The Islamic State announces its dissolution after his head has read the Koran for the first time

This is Al Jazeera that revealed information. Daesh this morning surprised the international community by announcing its dissolution in a video posted on his official website. Originally a terrible mistake, because the founders of the terrorist organization for years confused the holy book of Islam with an obscurantist collection dating from the seventh century.


« Basically, it was a joke of Patrick, a colleague, » says Abou Bakr El Baghdadi in the video « He changed the book cover, and we all have done!«  Several media outlets also confirmed that Patrick was not « the last messing » since it is to him that we must also misinterpretation of communism in the 20s after a prank call made to Stalin.

« You Only Live Once« 


« It’s stupid because we have not lousy brothel suddenly … » to embarrass the former Caliph. « I also wonder why 99% of Muslims in the world remained quietly at home, without killing anyone. Well since I read the book I understood! « Says the repentant. « And then the martyrs will make the mouth Because I‘m not sure they fall on 77 virgins on the other side … » he imagines.
At last, Abu Bakr and several members of the dissolved organization had been seen trying to catch up: Abu Bakr getting tattooed a huge « YOLO » on the chest, stands for « One Life to Live « while lighting up a joint on a Bob Marley background. While others more soberly pledged in humanitarian attempt to help their neighbors and deliver a message of peace.




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