Samsung will reward its most loyal users by offering an iPhone 5

ThinkstockPhotos-159128951-685x320At the annual conference of the Samsung Group, the CEO of the Korean company, Lee Hee-Khun surprised everyone. To face the growing competition in the smartphone market, Samsung will now reward its most loyal users by offering a brand new iPhone 5.

A marketing coup

It’s a nice marketing stunt for the Korean group that tries to produce its own iPhone since 2007 with an even artisanal result. « If you’re observers, you will have noticed that our screens are not touch, they are hidden keys below the display. Some of our customers are following us for years, we know it has not always been easy for them so we’ll give them a real iPhone. They deserve it, « said Lee Hee-Khun.

For the expert in new technologies Gaspard Verdier, this decision was necessary in a telephony market that is maturing. « People today are not stupid, they know that a smartphone is not worth the asking price. But it’s different with the iPhone. Apple has developed a design that helps sell overpriced an object that truth is not worth much. And people buy with a smile. That’s hard.  »

A new logo for WindowsPhone

Following this announcement from Samsung, the CEO of WindowsPhone decided to strike back against adopting a new visual identity. « I’m not going to reveal our future logo, but all I can tell you is that it will take the form of a fruit! « He said.


In his next Rambo movie will play an official of the International Monetary Fund


Los Angeles – Sylvester Stallone gave the first indications for the next « Rambo ». This time, the Vietnam veteran will face his worst enemy, economic austerity and the Eurogroup. « Rambo is a man of his time. He faced the Vietcong, the Soviets, the Burmese junta. He even faced the indifference of the people on his return. It was normal that he confronts modern enemy present, the market economy, « says the actor. The film should show Rambo and vacationing in a small country in southern Europe that falls under the control of a heinous charge of the International Monetary Fund. « This is a new type of villain. Before Rambo fought against helicopter gunships and tanks. This time he is fighting against someone armed with a calculator and a tax form.  » Several people then ask Rambo to help them against oppression. A task that the fighter will then meet with panache once again. « There will be a particularly violent deaths updates but very realistic, like the scene where Rambo disguised as bailiff shall seize all the furniture of one of the lieutenants of the wicked. » A scene that was very hard to write but Stallone ensure that the public today is very difficult impressionable. « There will be very few synthetic images. All austerity scenes will be the most authentic and most realistic possible, « says Stallone, stressing that it will not be doubled for even the most challenging scenes. As this scene where Rambo arrives in Brussels and faces a Eurogroup meeting with bare hands. And the actor concluded « In this sequence, there will be the most violent economic terms we could see on the big screen. »


The NSA offers Americans to keep all their passwords if forgotten


Under fire from critics after new revelations intrusive plays, the American intelligence agency is trying to improve its image by offering US citizens a new service. Opinions are mixed for the moment.

The entirety of your passwords saved for only $ 25 a month

« Who never forgot the password of his mail, telephone code, bank details? More hassle, NSA will remember for you! « . It is through this seductive hooks that the now famous National Security Agency launches its new service, mischievously entitled « Unlocked: we remember everything you do not, and more. »

The concept is simple: through $ 25 a month, a specialized unit of the NSA automatically saves all of your internet passwords and backup databases « indefinitely. » Devilishly proactive, the agency is notified as soon as you enter two invalid passwords and returns good without necessary step. « The NSA fact immediately updated when you change any username! « Enthuses James, 28.

« Between allies must help each other »

Admiral Michael Rogers, director of the NSA, returned with emotion about the origin of this eminently altruistic offer. At the time responsible for clandestine interception, he would have attended live the misadventures of a European president, unable to remember the password of the account used to secure the exchange of defense secret documents. « But we had it a long time, this password! It is still used today, for that matter, « exclaims Rogers. « Between allies must help each other, right? « . One certainly appreciated boost in the digital jungle through which states as individuals. Richard Ledgett, deputy director of operations, nevertheless wants more prosaic about the original purpose of the project: « You know, storing the personal data of our citizens is something we do anyway and long ago, so far draw money and advertising, « he says soberly.

For now, the public remains relatively reserved. Fear of use of such data for illegal surveillance purposes would be the main complaint raised by a consumer panel. « It’s a position we understand, and we respect, » said the Admiral Rogers. « Our citizens have every right to refuse the NSA services. We live in a democracy! They will simply subcontracted secret to our British or Canadian counterparts, and everyone will be happy. « 


Qu’est-ce qui est arrivé à « Alf » -Star Max Wright ( Willy Tanner)?

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Max Wright, qui a le père de famille attentionné Willie Tanner a joué dans la série TV « Alf« , ressemble à un cadavre vivant. Le résultat de drogues et d’alcool.

Il est de 71 mais il voit le mal de prises :. L’ancienne star de la série Max Wright est que l’ombre de lui-même les photos qui sont maintenant fait surface sur Internet montrant l’ancien « Alf » -Star comme une poubelle une des déchets immeuble de rapport à Hermosa Beach en Californie remorqueurs. Visage émacié, des vêtements déchirés. Wright est dans le direct de la maison dans un appartement simple, a rapporté l’image.
spreads de photos
Que sont devenus les stars de la série des années 80? Leos millions villa, vous pouvez désormais louer, « Oui, je l’ai fumé du crack»

La fin de « Alf » en 1990, l’acteur dit ne pas avoir bien résisté. En 1995, il est tombé malade avec le cancer aussi. En 2001, le bas de Max Wright: Le père de deux enfants est filmé comme il fume avec le crack sans-abri et ensuite avec eux avoir des relations sexuelles.–13053086


UN calls the right to anonymous internet connection

Publié par Guillaume Champeau, le Lundi 08 Juin 2015

The UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, requires governments to waive laws that require telecommunications operators and online services to meet the identity actual customers.

There are some days Numerama reported the conclusion of a UN report, which is a data encryption human right, under the right of individuals to respect for their private lives, which is sometimes essential to the enjoyment of freedom of expression. There are cases where you do feel free to express themselves only when one knows that one can not be identified. The same is true for the freedom of correspondence; sometimes we do not feel free to communicate with a caller when you have the belief that trade will not be intercepted and read by third parties.
But there is another aspect spent more unnoticed the report, which goes completely against the grain of the States to put priority on safety requirements by giving investigators the resources to investigate. The UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, indeed demand that Internet users and users of mobile phone services can connect anonymously to the network without having to deliver their true identity.
« The prohibition of online anonymity interfere with the right to freedom of expression, » condemns David Kaye, who notes that « many states prohibit independent of any specific interest to the government. » If he first spoke of situations in which the laws require websites to gather the real identity of users who publish content online, the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations also raised the issue of the anonymity of the connection to networks, whether having to provide an ID to use a computer in an Internet café, or disclose his name and address to have access to internet or mobile package.
« Governments often require SIM cards records » with the actual identity, while « such policies undermine anonymity, especially for those who access the Internet only through mobile technology. »
« Mandatory registration of the SIM card may provide governments with the ability to monitor individuals and journalists well beyond the legitimate interest of a government. »
In France, the postal code and electronic communications requires operators to keep « the information identifying the user », which is understood (wrongly?) As an implicit obligation to ensure the real identity a client before allowing it to connect to a communications network. The principle is experienced as obvious as it underlies the Hadopi law, which allows to criminally condemn the internet access used to hack holder, which would have been negligent characterized in the implementation of the means of security. But nothing formally oblige operators to collect the real identity of the internet.
If they do it to bill customers, the question arises in the case of prepaid SIM cards and free wireless access. It seems that this is excessive zeal that operators take copies of identity cards or other passports.
The CNIL also recalled in his practice sheet on Internet cafes and other Wi-Fi hot-spots « Internet café in question is not obliged to identify and preserve the identity of its customers to provide a connection (eg .. open wifi) It must keep only the technical connection data, however, it chose to proceed with the prior identification of users by having them fill out a registration form, for example, it has the the obligation to retain data for a year.  »

The NSA undertakes to clean the spam email boxes it monitors.

Yesterday, the world discovered, thanks to the revelations in the Guardian and the Washington Post, the NSA (National Security Agency), a branch of American intelligence had access to private data of millions of users. Among the services concerned, we note among others the presence of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Skype. The agency would be able to monitor emails, documents, photos, videos and other private data of users of Internet services. Generally not prone to public speaking, however, the NSA has published a statement in which it acknowledged the facts and the damage caused. In a spirit of appeasement, it also proposes to remove all
spam it will find under his supervision.

Give a hand to users

« The NSA has noted the publication of various newspapers and claims to have recourse to the Prism program to collect a lot of information. « Laconically said the statement issued a few hours ago on the site of the federal agency. Later in the letter, signed by Keith B. Alexander, the current director of the NSA itself, the mea culpa continues: « We can understand that these methods seem undemocratic the eyes of the less informed and they can be perceived as a violation of their privacy. We are aware and we apologize for this, even if we can not do otherwise …  »

The head of the NSA connects then formulating a rather unusual proposal: « Since we can not afford to do without such a tool in the fight against terrorism, we will continue to use Prism as we have done so far. However, a willingness to listen and to continue to serve American citizens, the NSA publicly commit to clean email accounts that will monitor all spam and other unwanted email. « And Mr. Alexander continued: » In addition, for those who request it, NSA aims to block all pop-ups called ‘pop-up’ ‘she spy on computers in real time. « 

A press indecent

The service offered by the NSA has again outraged US politicians such as civil liberties advocates. This is the case of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which denounced « an eye for powder jet » Jameel Jaffer according to its deputy director, « Yesterday we learned that the Prism program was supposed to monitor only those based in the abroad. But this latest proposal of the NSA is only for US Internet users. I believe that the gentlemen of the National Security Agency take us for c … « Jameel Jaffer told us via Skype before a strange and abrupt termination of his connection.

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